August 11

Executive Summary: Owner-Operator Business Plan

An executive summary is a brief overview at the beginning of your business plan. It’s a section that grabs the reader’s attention and summarizes critical information regarding your company overview and upcoming short-term and long-term goals. A well-written one will make you think about who you are as a business and what service(s) you will provide. In addition, pitch decks are used to lay out the main selling points of a business plan.

Though it is at the beginning of your business plan, it is usually the last section you write because it summarizes each critical section of your plan. The goal of your executive summary is to engage the reader quickly. Explain to them the owner-operator business you are operating and the status.

What Should I Include In My Executive Summary?

You can include multiple things in your executive summary, but you want to ensure you don’t put too much information. Think about it as an elevator pitch, how will you entice your reader to continue reading? Below are a few things to think about when writing your executive summary.

  • Are you a startup trucking company?
  • Do you currently have a trucking business that you would like to grow?
  • Are you operating your business in multiple markets?
  • What kind of freight do you plan on hauling?
  • What is the state of the owner-operator trucking industry?
  • Who are your direct competitors?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What is your marketing plan?
  • Who are the key members of your team?
  • What does your financial plan look like?

How Do I Write One?

  • Write your business plan first.
  • Write an engaging introduction.
  • Write your executive summary.
  • Edit and organize your document.
  • Seek outside assistance and a peer review.

Give it a shot now that you know what to include and how to write your executive summary. Once you create your first draft, have someone you trust to look at it, critique it, and make recommendations for improvement. Always remember that a well-written business plan is the first step in operating a successful owner-operator trucking company.

SOURCE: Business News Daily