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Your Success Is Our Business

Founded in 2013 and based near Kansas City, Mo., OTR Leasing is a leading technology-enabled, specialty finance company that leases Class 8 trucks. We specialize in truck acquisitions, lease originations, and robust post-origination support. These specializations have positioned us as one of the fastest-growing tech-enabled Class 8 truck leasing and asset management platforms in the country. We employ proprietary tech-enabled sales and marketing coupled with data-driven underwriting capabilities to source and match qualified lessees with trucks quickly. 

What sets us apart from other semi-truck leasing companies is our devotion to seeing our members succeed. The resources, support, and flexibility we provide are unique because they help owner-operators advance their business. We are all about creating small businesses. From turning company drivers into owner-operators and adding trucks to small fleets, we have provided an opportunity for our members to better themselves, whether professionally or personally. We give them the option to make their own money, operate under their own schedule, and grow their revenue; in turn, that allows them to support their family and live a lifestyle they’ve always wanted. 

At OTR Leasing, we know and firmly believe truckers are the backbone of our great nation. Trucking is responsible for moving 70% of all freight in the United States, and 80% of U.S. communities depend on trucks to deliver everyday goods, spanning from raw materials, food, medicine, and much more. Just about every sector of the American economy relies on trucking. If the industry ceased, many of our lives would be affected. Today and every day, we thank truckers for driving our nation forward.