September 22

Services: Owner-Operator Business Plan

The services section of your business plan outlines your services, why your market needs them, and how it will compete with other businesses selling the same or similar services. Essentially, this is an opportunity to sell yourself. Why are you better than the next trucking company?

What Should I Include In My Services Section?

  • What kind of freight do you want to haul?
  • Are you going to run as an independent contractor for a carrier?
  • Are you going to run as an owner-operator through a broker or load board?
  • What problem are you solving? Explain how you’re going to be profitable.
  • Will you be an asset or a liability? Why did you choose your business model?
  • Do you have one truck or a small fleet?
  • Will you be able to run regionally or nationwide?
  • How will you ensure that your trucks will be operational?

How Do I Write One?

  • Take time to reflect and note where you see your business and how you plan on getting there.
  • Research the current freight lanes that are in demand.
  • Find out what credible fleets or carriers are hiring independent contractors.
  • Write a draft of your plan and have a peer review it. Research operational plan templates online.
  • Have a business consultant review your services section. You must know your decision is wise and strategic.

When writing the services section of your business plan, breaking down your logic shows that you understand the market you’re entering. It’s important that you can navigate your way through the business model of your choice, not only as a driver but as a small business owner.

SOURCE: Truckstop