May 04

Keeping Truck Drivers Motivated

Are you a fleet manager or owner of a small fleet of trucks? Whether you’re one or the other, keeping truck drivers motivated is a key factor to the success of your trucking company.

Managing a fleet, whether big or small, can be challenging. Being able to retain good drivers that do things the right way will make your operation efficient and will attract other good drivers. Below are a few tips to help motivate drivers and make them want to keep working for you.

Communicate With Your Drivers

Be positive and transparent. Let them know what’ going on. When employees feel like they’re involved and know what’s going on, they feel appreciated and part of the company.

Ask For Feedback & Listen

You’re never going to know exactly what’s going on our there on the road and when they’re picking up or dropping off loads. Do more than just talk to your drivers, actually listen. Have an open door policy when it comes to communication. If you implement changes based on their suggestions, let everyone know. This will show your drivers that you listen to them and care about them.

Show Respect & Have Their Back

Care about your drivers and who they are as people. When your drivers know that you care about them as a person, they’re more likely to go the extra mile for you.

Drivers are going to encounter dispatchers that treat them with the lack of respect they don’t deserve. If your driver knows you have their back when they encounter an issue, they’ll remember that and go above and beyond for you.

Create Opportunities For Promotion

Seniority, experience, good ratings, and meeting goals you’ve set should provide opportunities for the drivers who do their job and do it well. Maybe it’s more favorable routes or coveted jobs, but make it clear that certain types of behavior are rewarded.

Professional Development Opportunities

Whether you send your drivers to annual training or conduct it online, keep your drivers up-to-date with the latest training options available to them.

Mentoring Program

Partner your newest drivers up with your most reliable veteran drivers. This will provide an opportunity for the rookie drivers to ask questions and get answers from their more experienced coworkers. Mentorship promotes teamwork, and teamwork drives success.

Reward & Recognize Top Performers

Reward drivers who hit goals, consistently improve, and strive to go above baseline performance. Public recognition is always a good way to motivate and steer your driver towards success. Small rewards like time off, gift cards, and company-wide celebrations make a huge impact on the morale of your company.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of time or money keeping truck drivers motivated. It’s simple – show them that you care, listen, and make it known when good work is accomplished. A fleet that is filled with motivated, happy, and steady drivers produce more money and a lot of success.