May 24

Fuel Economy For Fleet Owners

Fuel economy for fleet owners must be of great importance. If you manage your fleet of trucks properly, you can achieve significant savings by following the fundamentals of a detailed budget, business plan, and the proper use of new technology.

With fuel prices inflating, fuel savings must be at the forefront of the execution of your business plan. From fuel cards to performing preventative maintenance, there are several ways you can improve fuel economy.

Savings Calculator

As a fleet owner or manager, you should use a savings calculator tool to get a clear view of how much you can reduce fuel expenses by checking oil and fluid levels. The savings calculator helps determine the number of trips or miles to accumulate in one day. You can also decide how many drivers to schedule for a particular day, week, or month.

A big part of fleet management is monitoring gas prices and calculating the average annual miles per truck. By watching this data and average miles per gallon, you can analyze fuel cost projections.

Taking Care Of Your Fleet

Keeping each truck in top shape is the best way to save money on fleet maintenance and fuel economy. Periodic inspections and appropriate oils and lubricants help extend the life of a semi-truck.

You can also optimize fuel economy using modern fuel tracking technology. For example, software such as FUELChex monitors the fuel usage of each truck in your fleet.

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Almost every truck driver, owner-operator, or fleet owner has ways to save fuel and increase their average miles per gallon ratio. Some methods are tried and true, while others are not. Regardless, saving fuel and increasing your fuel economy improves your bottom line.