October 28

What To Expect After You Submit Your Application

Have you ever wondered what our process looks like after you submit your application? Leasing a semi doesn’t have to be difficult. Our program has helped thousands of owner-operators achieve their business goals. Our goal is to make the entire process fast and simple so that we can get you in a truck as quickly as possible. Below is a brief overview of each step you’ll take on the way to getting your truck.


Simply take a few minutes and fill out our fast and easy owner-operator application.

Submit Required Documents

Once we receive your application, one of our Account Representatives will call you requesting some documentation.

To expedite the process, have a copy of your CDL and last (2) months of your most recent bank statements ready to submit.

Underwriting Interview

Our Underwriting team will call you and ask you a series of questions that you’ll have to answer. For example: “What will you be doing for insurance? How will you be handling your taxes? Do you have a business plan?”

Once the interview is complete, the decision of your application will be determined based on multiple factors.

Connect With A Truck Specialist

If you’re approved, one of our Truck Specialists will call you to discuss the specs of the truck you’re looking for.

Once inventory is available, and your desired truck is added to inventory, you will submit your down payment to reserve your truck.

Pick Up Your Truck

Finally, you will fly into Kansas City or Atlanta and pick up your truck on the scheduled date.

Our streamlined process was established to make it easier for you to grow your trucking business while on the road. We understand that efficiency and remaining on the road is the key to success. If you interested to learn more about our owner-operator program click here.