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Quality is everything when you’re on the road. That’s why OTR Leasing works so diligently to find just the right truck to assure you stay on the road, not in the shop. In addition to finding you the right truck we also put each truck through a 150 point inspection and ensure that it meets the following requirements:

Tires, 12/32 or greater
Brakes, 50% or greater
New Mattress
No Body Damage over $500
PM Completed
DPF Cleaning


Despite our best efforts to find you a good solid truck, and your best efforts to take care of it, you are going to break down. Sometimes it’s not a big thing and can be quickly fixed cheaply. Other times, breakdowns can be catastrophic failures. To guard against the catastrophic, OTR equips each truck with a 6 Month / 50,000 Mile Aftermarket Warranty at a minimum. On certain trucks greater warranties are available, either remaining factory or aftermarket. OTR Leasing is here for you with industry leading programs like our Maintenance Benefit Savings Program. We will help you save up for those unplanned repairs AND match a percentage of your contributions! On top of that, OTR Leasing includes access to Driver’s Roadside Service for 24 hour on-call emergency help and guidance to reputable shops.


OTR Leasing is unique in the industry because we consider ourselves your partner in business. We’re not here to just lease you a truck; we’re here to support your success as an Owner Operator. Your success is our business. Along with OTR Leasing’s industry leading support programs, and helping you to stay ahead of the carriers, we are also always looking for the best shops and best deals on fuel and tires to share with you. Continually we will check in with you to see how things are going out there. We want and need your feedback so we can help you to succeed. Then OTR will gather all this information and share it with you so you can stay up to date with all the current trends.

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We Can Help You

  • Challenged Credit
  • First Time O/O w/ 3 Years Driving History
  • Fleet Owners
  • History of Paying Major Bills

We Cannot Help You

  • Back Child Support w/ No Payment Plan
  • Less than $5k down payment
  • In Open Bankruptcy
  • Serious Criminal History