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Leasing a Freightliner Cascadia

Considering leasing a Freightliner? Each trucker has different tastes and preferences, but as the U.S. leader in truck sales, Freightliner has distinguished themselves from the pack. Originally founded to provide the power needed to haul freight over the mountains of the western U.S., Freightliner currently dominates the market with a 40% share of truck sales. More Freightliners on the road means better deals on used trucks, cheaper parts, and easy-to-schedule service. These factors, along with the reliability and price, are why Freightliner continues to be ahead of the pack year after year. The ease of maintenance and lower average cost of owning a Freightliner make the brand a fantastic choice for any first time owner-operator. Though they may not carry the name recognition or flashy features of other brands, their place atop the pile proves that most truckers prioritize utility and value over other features.

What Lease-Purchase Means for you

OTR Leasing understands that deciding on a truck is a big decision. We don't want you dumping money into a truck that you'll kiss goodbye at the end of your term- that's why we offer all our customers a lease-purchase agreement! At the end of the lease, you'll own your rig outright. Our lease-purchase trucking helps give the driver more earning potential in an industry where carriers have often dictated terms to their employees.

Bad Credit Truck Leasing

We understand the rigors of the trucking industry, and the impact that a trucking career can have on your credit. At OTR Leasing, we view our customers as more than buyers; they are our business partners, too. Your credit score won't impact your ability to qualify for our truck driver lease-purchase program, we care much more about your history as a driver than we do about credit. We want to get you on the road and maximize your earning potential!

Why Lease a Cascadia?

Freightliner’s long-haul model, the Cascadia, is the most popular sleeper semi truck on the road today. Outfitted with some of the most comfortable seats in the industry, the Cascadia features a more aerodynamic design than its' competitors. That means better performance, better mileage, and less noise in the cab! With a Freightliner, you’ll never have to worry about speed or power- this company was founded to build a truck to haul heavy loads through the Rocky Mountains. Even if you don’t consider the popularity of Freightliner, there are plenty of reasons to choose a Cascadia over the competition.