Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, your first payment is due 4 weeks after you pick up your truck, but check your documents for exact details.

Yes, we are not a credit driven lending organization. The decision is based on multiple data points, the main one being down payment.

Yes, it’s very simple. Visit or click the ‘Apply Now’ tab at the top of our page – it only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Great question. All we need is a copy of your CDL and your previous 2 months of bank statements that shows an active and open bank account.

Yes, we accept trade-ins.

Yes, all of our trucks are equipped with a 6-month, 50K mile aftermarket warranty at a minimum.

Yes, we offer industry-leading programs like the CABS Program and Perfect Payer Program. Visit our benefits page to learn more.

We have two convenient locations – Kansas City, MO and Atlanta, GA.

No, this is not a walk away lease. Our goal is for you to be an owner-operator. At the end of the lease, you will own the truck!

Anyone can get their first truck. If you are adding to the fleet, we have multiple options available.

OTR Leasing is unique in the industry because we consider ourselves your partner in business. We’re not here to just lease you a truck; we’re here to support your success as an Owner-Operator. Your success is our business. Along with OTR Leasing’s industry leading support programs, and helping you to stay ahead of the carriers, we are also always looking for the best shops and best deals on fuel and tires to share with you. Continually, we will check in with you to see how things are going out there. We want and need your feedback so we can help you to succeed.

No, you may apply for financing free of charge. Visit to apply now!

Yes, all of our trucks come with a DOT inspection to ensure it’s road ready.

No, we typically require a low down payment between $3,500 and $5,500 depending upon several factors.

Yes, if you have appropriate driving experience. Call one of our Account Managers today to see if you qualify: (888) 338-9948.