December 29

Protecting Your CDL

As a professional truck driver, whether you’re a company driver or owner-operator, your CDL is the most important tool you need to operate a commercial truck. Protecting your CDL should be of upmost importance for your trucking career. Truck drivers are liable for faulty, poorly maintained vehicles and reckless driving. Furthermore, you can be held accountable for poor business practices by the company you work for. It will lead to negative points on your CDL and a possible revocation.

Practice Safe Driving

Safe driving is the best way for drivers to protect their CDL. So, how do truck drivers practice safe driving? Safe driving includes defensive driving and never driving while under the influence. It also means following all the rules and regulations put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Although you cannot control how other drivers on the road operate their vehicles, you can control how you run your truck. Defensive driving means being prepared and alert to everything surrounding you on the road.

Avoid Violations

Drivers should be aware of all moving and non-moving violations; being aware is the best way to avoid violations. Here is a list of a few things that cause you to get points on your driving record.  

  1. Speeding 
  2. Following too close 
  3. Overweight 
  4. Traffic violation 
  5. Reckless driving 
  6. Driving without proper endorsements 
  7. Logbook errors

Don’t Depend On A Circle Check

A circle check is a common practice among truck drivers. You can run a lot of basic checks during a circle check. Still, suppose your equipment experiences a fault beyond something you could quickly identify. In that case, you should take the truck to be looked at so you’re not held responsible.

All drivers have the responsibility to operate safely anytime they are behind the wheel of their own vehicle or semi-truck. Always be aware of your surroundings, use common sense, and make wise decisions. Your trucking career depends on you protecting your CDL.