Peterbilt Trucks for Lease
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We have several Peterbilt trucks available for lease-purchase

Peterbilt Leasing

Thinking about leasing a Peterbilt? Let OTR Leasing help. Each trucker hauls different loads and has different preferences, and that’s why we offer such a large selection. Known above all for quality and durability, Peterbilt is name all truckers are familiar with. Even folks that don’t know the industry recognize the name, and that reputation wasn’t earned overnight.With a long history in American trucking, Peterbilt trucks make a fantastic rig for a first time owner-operator, or a small business owner looking to build a fleet. Because they are manufactured by trucking giant PACCAR, you’ll never have to go far to find a shop to get your Pete serviced. Peterbilts are known for comfort, a trait that carries extra value on the longest hauls. Their heavy duty durability also makes a Peterbilt truck ideal for construction and other jobs that may take you off the highway.

What Lease-Purchase Means for you

At OTR Leasing we understand that picking out a truck is a major decision. We don't want to see you pour money into a lease, paying for a truck that you'll lose at the end of the term. At the end of your lease-purchase agreement with OTR Leasing, you'll own your rig! That's what makes us different from other truck driver leasing companies, and that's why we are an industry leader in semi tractor leasing.

Bad Credit Truck Leasing

At OTR, we view our customers as business partners. That means acknowledging the rigors of life on the road and understanding our customers may have bad credit. We care about your desire to get out on the road and be successful, not your past credit issues. That’s why we approve 100% of our customers!

Why Peterbilt?

Peterbilt trucks are known for comfort and luxury in the cab. No matter the model, if a truck comes with the Peterbilt logo on it you can expect a smooth, quiet ride. Your rig is your home away from home, and the more time you spend in your Peterbilt, the more you’ll appreciate these comforts. Their former slogan “class pays” may have been retired years ago, but it still holds true for truckers around the country today. Look no further than this simple fact: Peterbilts have appeared in films more frequently than any other brand- and Optimus Prime himself was originally a 1992 Peterbilt.