Primary Method

Auto ACH

Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account every time it’s due. You can call (888) 338-9948 to sign up today!

  • It’s Completely Free!
  • Never Miss A Payment!
  • It’s Required!

*Must have a Credit/Debit Card Authorization form signed and on file.

Other Payment Methods


Pay By Phone

Make payment over the phone during normal business hours.

  • Credit or Debit Card: Fee applies
  • Off Cycle ACH: No Fee

Call for phone payments: (888) 338-9948


Comcheck, EFS, Transcheck Payments

Pay by Comcheck, EFS, and Transcheck Payments
Call (888) 338-9948 for these methods.

No fee applies.


Pay By Credit Card

Safe payments by Credit Card with a 3% fee.

Click To Pay

*OTR Leasing, LLC requires all lessees to be enrolled in auto ach as primary method of payment. Other methods are only for off cycle payments.