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Fast And Easy Payments

Auto ACH

Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account every time it’s due. You can call (877) 440-6543 to sign up today.

It’s completely free!

Never miss a Payment!

It’s required!

*Must have a Credit/Debit Card Authorization form signed and on file.

Pay By Phone

Make payment over the phone during normal business hours.

Credit or debit card (fee applies).

Off-cycle ACH (no fee).

Call for phone payments: (877) 440-6543

Comcheck, EFS, Transcheck Payments

Pay by Comcheck, EFS, and Transcheck Payments. Call (877) 440-6543 for these methods.

No fee applies.

Pay By Credit Card

Safe payments by credit card with a 3% fee.

*OTR Leasing, LLC requires all lessees to be enrolled in Auto ACH as primary method of payment. Other methods are only for off-cycle payments.*

Make A Payment

Simply enter the information below, press ‘Submit Payment’, and then you’re all done! Any questions please contact Customer Service at (877) 440-6543.