Kenworth Trucks for Lease
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We offer a number of Kenworth trucks for lease-purchase

Kenworth Leasing

Considering leasing a Kenworth? OTR Leasing has the selection you’ve been looking for. We understand that every trucker has different preferences, that’s why we offer a wide variety of makes and models in our inventory. That said, the Kenworth name carries a lot of weight in the commercial semi trucking industry, and for good reason.Kenworth holds about 15% of the trucking market, and that fact alone makes them a good choice. This popularity means mechanics have the experience and know-how to help you stay on the road in your Kenworth, and the brand tends to hold its’ long-term value better than some competitors.

What Lease-Purchase Means for you

OTR Leasing understands that deciding on a truck is a big decision. We don't want you pouring money into a lease only to come away with no long-term return. That's why when you complete our truck driver lease-purchase program, you'll own your rig! We also offer plenty of flexibility to help you enter the world of lease-purchase trucking. You are free to choose a longer lease with lower payments, or pay off your truck more quickly if you desire. We have an 18-wheeler financing plan to fit your needs!

Bad Credit Truck Leasing

OTR Leasing is your source for bad credit semi truck leasing. Our customers don't just lease from us, they are our business partners. We understand the nature of the business, and understand that it isn't easy on your credit history. We care about your desire to get out on the road and be successful, not your past credit issues. That’s why we approve 100% of our customers!

Why Kenworth?

Kenworth has cemented themselves as one of the major players in the American trucking economy. Kenworth trucks are some of the most cutting edge when it comes to technological integration. Though navigational features come standard in many new models, Kenworth was ahead of the curve and as a result you can enjoy these features in 2015, 2014 and even 2013 Kenworths. They also use a web-based diagnostic system for repairs, ensuring an accurate analysis and quick fix to help you maximize your time away from home. When you factor in the smooth, quiet ride that a Kenworth provides, you can't go wrong leasing a Kenworth.