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Commercial Semi Truck Financing

Looking for an affordable used semi truck lease that works for you and your budget? Whether you’re looking for your first truck or your fifteenth, we have the truck, and lease, to fit your budget. A lease-purchase with a major carrier may seem attractive, but the restrictions begin to pile up quickly. You can’t choose your truck, you can’t choose your loads, you can’t choose your days off. A lease with OTR offers no such restrictions! Choose your lease length (2 to 4 years), choose your truck, and chose who you work for. If durability is your priority? We’ve got trucks for you. Keeping costs down most important? We’ve got trucks for you. Want to roll in style? We’ve got trucks for you. At OTR, we understand that each owner operator has a different set of preferences, and a different list of needs! That’s why we’re set up to find the right lease for you, regardless of where in the industry you’re coming from.

What Lease-Purchase Means for you

OTR Leasing understands that deciding on a truck is a big decision. Unlike traditional leasing programs where the dealership keeps the truck and the end of your lease, when your lease ends, you’ll own your rig! That’s why a lease to own with OTR is the perfect way to establish yourself as an independent owner-operator.

Bad Credit Truck Leasing

At OTR, we view our customers as business partners. That means acknowledging the rigors of life on the road and understanding our customers may have bad credit. We care about your desire to get out on the road and be successful, not your past credit issues. That’s why we approve 100% of our customers!

Picking up Your Lease to Own Tractor

Once you arrive at our lot with your truck on hold, we encourage you to take it on a test drive and even have the truck inspected by a third party. At OTR, our business model relies on your continued success as an owner-operator. We want you to succeed, and that doesn’t stop when you drive off the lot. When you win, we win!