Owner Operator Program Application

For the purpose of establishing and maintaining credit, the undersigned submits the foregoing statement and information contained on this sheet, both written and printed, and including supplemental sheets, if any, as being a full, true and correct statement of my financial condition and all above matters, on the date stated. The undersigned agrees to notify you immediately in writing of any materially unfavorable change in my financial condition of the above matters, and in the absence of such notice or of a new and full written statement, all matters herein may be considered as a continuing statement and substantially correct. The undersigned hereby authorizes OTR Leasing, LLC, its assignees and/or designees to make inquiry into, to request, and to receive any information concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, and all information from creditors which OTR Leasing, LLC., its assignees and/or designees deems relevant for the granting and collection of the proposed borrowing. This authorization shall be effective from the date upon which this application is signed. Upon my written request, additional information as to the scope of this inquiry, if one is made, will be provided.

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