Commercial Freightliner Leasing
Used Freightliners for Lease

We have several options for pre-owned Freightliner Financing

Freightliner Lease Deals

Thinking of taking advantage of our owner operator Freightliner lease? Our pre-owned Freightliner inventory is constantly being updated and going with the American leader in truck sales is a great choice for any owner operator. Freightliner trucks are known for their low average cost, durable build and incredible service infrastructure: wherever you go, you'll be able to get in and out of the shop quickly.When you get your lease to own Freightliner through OTR Leasing, you are investing in yourself. Our in house Freightliner financing options give you flexbility depending on how quickly you'd like to pay off and own your rig. You won't find the ability to select your own Freightliner lease deal elsewhere, that's why OTR Leasing is your destination for an owner-operator Freightliner lease!

Why Lease a Commercial Freightliner?

A Freightliner truck makes a great investment for any owner operator. Freightliner accounts for more than 30% of American semi truck sales, dwarfing any competitor. With great durability, mileage and comfort, Freightliner may not offer the luxury of other truck makers, but in the end cost-effectiveness is the most important factor to most truckers out there.

Bad Credit Freightliner Leasing

Looking for a lease purchase Freightliner with bad credit? OTR Leasing offers in house financing and a flexible choice when it comes to lease length and payment plans. Our bad credit Freightliner financing is unique in the industry because we'll never disqualify you because of your credit score. After all, you are making the switch to owner-operator to maximize your financial earnings on the road! That's why we offer bad credit Freightliner financing.

Picking up Your Lease to Own Freightliner

Once you arrive at our lot with your truck on hold, we encourage you to take it on a test drive and even have the truck inspected by a third party. At OTR, our business model relies on your continued success as an owner-operator. We want you to succeed, and that doesn’t stop when you drive off the lot. When you win, we win!