January 24

2021 Tax Delays

The Treasury Department and the IRS are informing taxpayers about the 2021 tax delays during filing season. These potential delays result from the IRS beginning the tax season with millions of tax returns still needing to be processed. Staffing shortages and dated technology are also factors in the delays. Whether you’re a company driver or owner-operator, file your taxes early and remain patient.

2021 Tax Delays – File Your Taxes Early

To minimize the chance of a delayed return, file your taxes as soon as possible. If you file your taxes electronically and accurately, you should expect your refund within 21 days through direct deposit.

Letters From The IRS

The IRS will be sending out letters to report stimulus check and child tax credit information. They will be warning tax payers that inaccurate reporting of stimulus check and the child tax credit could lead to further delays.

Hire A Tax Expert

If you have any questions about 2021 tax delays or are interested in having ATBS help you file your 2021 taxes, give them a call at (866) 920-2827.

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